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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 8, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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(male announcer) this is bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: tonight -- at 11. new details. we've just learned the ship that hit the bay bridge. was warned before the accident. the vessel traffic service. communicates with all large ships which move through the bay. and officials say, the service was in contact with the 'overseas reymar' on monday morning. those audio recordings. will not be released until the investigation is complete. meanwhile, the 'overseas
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reymar' is still anchored in the bay between alcatraz and treasure island. the coast guard still trying to figure out how the tanker crashed into a tower on the western span of the bay bridge monday morning. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc-7 news. our team coverage starts with.kron4's terisa estacio. she has the latest on the investgation. >> reporter: how did this happen? that is what investigators want to know you can see the damage when it struck on the eastern tower of the bay bridge. investigators say that the first order of business will see the pilot. he was ordered to maneuver thus vessel. members of the crew will also be interviewed. drugs and alcohol also be
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tested. human error. >> that is something that we will always consider. weather it did is the pilot or the captain. those are always factors. >> reporter: with eight other specialty team with another specialty team--and are running obstacles, to avoid at the bridge with one-quarter mile visibility. and adding that to the physical damage officials want to make sure that the damage does not leak into the bay. the coast guard is going to keep the vessel here which could be several
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months. to keep the investigators, satisfied. terisa estacio, kron 4 >> pam: we are also learning more tonight. about the bar pilot who was manuevering the ship at the time of the crash. this is a picture of guy kleess. he has been investigated for three prior incidents. on august 27, 2009 - klees was piloting the s-h grace. towards the port of sacramento and briefly ran aground in the sacramento river deep water ship channel. two days later, on august 29, 2009, kleess was piloting a ship on the san joaquin river to stockton. while docking the ship, it collided with a wooden pylon, damaging a cat walk. for these two instances, klees was ordered to take practice trips with an experienced pilot. and on may 26th of 20-10, kleess was supervising a trainee on a ship. the ship was tied to a tugboat en route to the richmond inner harbor. the tugboat made contact with the bottom of the channel. causing minor damage. pilot error was found, but
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no action was recommended the director of the board of pilot commissioners say, new regulations are in the works to regulate bar pilots. >> this will increase toxicology and increased the agility with physical ability and create a medical review regimen. these regulations grew out of the cosco bucson incident. the director is hopeful regulations will be enacted this year. >> the cosco busan tanker crashed into the bay bridge five years ago. spilling more than 50- thousand gallons of oil into the bay. the environmental impact was catastrophic. the tanker that hit the same bridge yesterday, did not cause the same damage on the bay. our team coverage continues with kron4's reggie kumar. live out on treasure island. reggie, will this investigation will be handled the same way as the cosco busan incident? >> reporter: very similar,
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pam...november 2007. the cosco buscan tanker slammed into the bay bridge in thick fog, damaging the fender, on the tower adjacent to the one the overseas reymar hit on monday in similar conditions. the side of the cosco busan was ripped open, as a result more than 50 thousand gallons of oil spilled in to the bay. the damage on the oversea's remar is not as severe. it has a small gash on the starboard side. fortunately, the thousands of gallons of fuel on board never leaked out. six chinese national crew members were onboard the cosco buscan. all them were forced to stay in a hotel in san francisco until the investigation was complete. that took one full year. and.the bar pilot was eventually found guilty and sentenced to ten months in prison. there are 20 crew members still onboard the overseas reymar, anchored in the bay
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between alcatraz and treasure island. the coast guard says the crew still has enough food on the ship since it was heading out to sea when the crash happened. the crew has been ordered to stay put for now. it's not known if they will be relocated to a hotel in san francisco. the investigation to determine if the bar pilot is to blame for this collision could take months. that may mean the overseas reymar crew is in the same predictament as the six men who were onboard cosco busan. federal investigators will be out here tomorrow investigating to damage. this investigation will continue tomorrow. reporting live, reggie kumar, kron 4. >> pam: tonight, we have new details regarding the search for human bones going on in the central valley. a case linked to the speed freak killers. death row inmate wesley shermantine previously gave authorities locations of abandoned wells. where they would find human remains. last year, more than a thousand bone fragments were recovered in a well. so far, no human bones have
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been found in this new dig. the work the f-b-i is doing now is more preliminary they're setting up a 40- foot work area for crews to safely work in. you can see all of the experts there on the ground. they are starting to go through that dirt. crews aren't actually digging into the well. they are digging at the areas around the abandoned well. crews who are out there are going to be hand sifting through the actual well. one that is 5 feet in diameter. this is a 50 foot deep wellsomething that is going to keep them busy for at least two weeks. >> a historic artifact valued at more than 800- thousand dollars was stolen from the oakland museum of california during a break in and burglary on monday. the object stolen -- a gold rush-era quartz and gold box with ornamentation depicting early california. this is the museums second break-in in two months. a reward is being offered for the safe recovery of the artifact.
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>> jacqueline: of we will crop to dense fog and already reduced visibility. i just to not think we're going to see as much as resell last night. with reduced visibility right now, with concord, two models of the visibility. temperatures cooler. concord, into the 30's and 40's in fairfield. and temperatures are not going to get down much lower. clouds are streaming over right now that will keep things a bit warmer than last night. these clouds are associated with the clouds and heavy rainfall to the north but we are only expecting light showers. timing it out. on futurecast. brighamcoming up. protesters stripped down. they were back at city hall. upset about the recent ban passed.which blocks public nudity. >> a home invasion in an east bay neighborhood. the suspects got a big surprise when the ownerwe'll have the details!
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>> pam: in san francisco. nudists were back at city hall protesting the ban on nudity that was recently passed. it is no longer legal to walk the streets of san francisco naked. however. nudists believe, the ban violates their first amendment rights of free expression. opponents of the ban have filed a class action lawsuit against the city. a federal court hearing will be held next week. nudists are hoping the ban will be overturned. >> "we put a lot into this court hearing and if that doesn't work we're gonna come up with other ways to defeat this ban. we're not going to allow san francisco to be oppressed like this. the city will remain free" >> pam: nudists have
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>> m >> pam: there were two
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burglaries that were stopped by armed homeowners in pittsburg today. the first one was on leland avenue. around ten this morning, the resident heard a noise at his front door and was not expecting company. when he looked through his peep hole he saw a man he did not recognize trying to get into his house. he went and retrieved a gun and when he returned to the front door the burglar had made his way inside. >> the suspect engages in a physical altercation with the resident. during the altercation, the resident loses control of his firearm and he also sees the suspect lose a firearm, which we later determined to be a replica. during the struggle, our resident is able to retrieve a knife that was near the area and fatally stabbed the suspect in the neck. >> pam: police say the suspect is a 54 year old pittsburg resident with an extensive criminal record. police also detained two other people who might have also been involved in the burglary. >> the second story out of
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pittsburg involving a homeowner confronting an intruder happened around one this afternoon. kron four's jeff bush explains what happened and spoke with the homeowner who caught a fleeing suspect who had broken into his house. >> reporter: pittsburg police were called out early tuesday afternoon oaks by an alarm company. while police were on their way, someone called police and told them they saw four people who were running behind some homes and said they looked like they were up to no good. all the suspects ran, and three of them were caught by police but the fourth suspect was still on the loose. terry fredrickson was home, upstairs at the time and heard a lot of noise. he grabbed his gun and went down stairs to see what was going on. homeowner >> my neighbor's dog cap on barkingi heard my neighbor's dog barking and i looked in my garage to take a second peek and i looked over by the bikes and there he was. it kinda surprised meespecially when he got up i said whoa. >> reporter: but, it was the burglar who would get a bigger surprise when terry pulled his gun and told him to give up. fredrickson >> i drew it and told him to
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get back down on the ground where he was in and he did. >> reporter: terry called for the police. they were just outside his house with the other three suspects in custody. terry says he is glad the suspect was caught and nobody got fredrickson >> i don't carry a gun but i'm an avid hunter and there was something going on while i was upstairs and i knew there were some bad guys in the areathen when the cops showed upi didn't know if they were in the house or notit's just kinda nutty. police were able to recover stolen property later in the day. three of the suspects are juviniles and the fourth is an adult. police say they are questioning all four suspcets to find out if they were involved in other burglaries in the area. i'm jeff bush in pittsburg, kron four news. >> some are calling it a big waste of money. the university of california has spent more than $4- million. marketing its new online courses, but has attracted just 1 student outside of the u-c system. the university began offering 14 on-line courses for college credit a year ago, aiming to generate new
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revenue by enrolling students worldwide. 17-hundred u-c students have taken the courses, but only one of them is not already enrolled at a u-c campus. governor brown is now looking into the program. >> disgraced cycling champion lance armstrong. has agreed to a rare televised interview with oprah winfrey that will air next week. winfery's web site says, armstrong will address allegations that he used performance- enhancing drugs during his cycling career. this comes days after the new york times reported. that armstrong was telling associates he is considering admitting to doping allegations. which for so long. he so vehemently denied. armstrong was stripped of his 7-tour de france titles. and has been banned from cycling competitions for life >> jacqueline: big changes coming to the forecast spotty showers with cold
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arctic temperatures will be dropping significantly add look at the morning lows, 20's! frigid temperatures after we get through tomorrow. this white giwider viw not expecting much local showers just light, spotty showers indicating that we could see lingering showers on thursday. 10:00 a.m., it is all along the north bay. south of the golden gate with showers over oakland, hayward. as for move towards 5:00 a.m., it is pushing towards the inland valleys. and for the south bay, noticed drier conditions. and off short is where we are seeing lingering showers. we could still see
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some spotty showers near the coast. a look at your extended forecast. with temperatures dropping. on friday, 20's and 30's. low 50s and it will stay chilly. the chance for rainfall returns on sunday. the increase will average nearly 11 percent a year. affect 52-thousand people, for small businesses. unemployment in the eurozone is reaching record highs. 18- million people are out of work. and the unemploymet rate climbed to 11-point-8 percent in november. at nearly 27- percent. and more than half of spanish workers under age 25, are unemployed. and greece is facing a sixth- year of recession. with a greater proportion of young people out of work. still ahead. you won't believe what one plus. a major milestone for laker guard steve nash - loss gary has that story, and all the sports, next!
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>> good evening, everybody. lakers at rockets 1 steve nash - finds a cutting kobe bryant who does the rest 2 nash - his 5th assist of the game10,000th of his career - to antawn jamison nash just the 5th player with 10,000 assists
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3 4th quarter, rockets up 11 jeremy lin - crosses over defender then finishes the "and 1" after hard foul by robert sacre lin: 19 points, 6 rebs, 5 assists the cal bears think they might have a chance against the perennial powerhouse. 62-53. rockets win: 125-112 houston: 5th straight win the warriors will give the first 10,000 fans tomorrow night one of these: a stephen curry bobblehead we've got a little sneak preview of the bobblehead women's hoops cal 2nd year head coach lindsay gottleib has the bears ranked 7th nationally cal's eliza pierre - great pass to brittany boyd
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streaking in for the layup 16-11 cal stanford inbounding with:01 on shot clock there was a billy cundiff sighting at candlestick yesterday, booting field in an effort to unseat incumbant david akers. >> i think that it is a good time to be planning. and it is a good time and a good omen to bring the -- playing. were giving stadium tours at $18 bucks a pop at the same timeand several fans took photos of cundiff kicking and put the photos on facebook - said he looked pretty good too but cundiff has been anything but good over his 13 year career, having played for 11 teams and missing a crucial kick for the ravens in the afc championship last year asked today if trying out for the niners is a tough task? cundiff mcclain busted tinted
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>> also, he gave a another name and a halt in off to jail. if you can believe that he is not going to come back and away. but this violation, and lying to. espn apologized. >> to use seat that lovely lady. these quarterbacks get the great looking ladies what a beautiful woman he must be doing some great things. >> alabama. their quarterback. she had 100,000 followers and now his girlfriend is a mess alabama now has 400 but now after the game she has 140,000 and counting. and
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